grazing reed canary grass

Reed canarygrass, Phalaris arundinacea, is a cool-season forage grass species used by Michigan farmers in certain situations. Morrical: Reed canary grass is an excellent cool season grass in terms of productivity. Apparently some varieties can be high in alkaloids and prompt staggers in cattle. This is an important factor in grazing management. Our canary grass seeds produce the best canary grass seed varieties available. Flat, green leaf blades occur from spring to early summer, but tend to turn brown as the summer progresses. The native reed canary grass should not be totally eliminated, but no reliable method for telling the difference between the forms is known. If the grass is allowed to become more mature, animals will choose other grasses. However, reed canarygrass proved more stubborn than Guretzky thought. Reed canary grass spreads by underground stems (rhizomes) and forms a solid sod. “If you don’t maintain that grazing pressure, you won’t see a strong decline in the reed canarygrass,” he said. P. arundinacea is a highly variable species, varying in height, size and shape of inflorescence, and coloration. Anyhoo, there's a good deal on some local hay around my way - it's 'reed canary grass hay'. One of the first grasses to sprout in the spring, reed canary grass produces a compact panicle 3-16 inches long that is erect or slightly spreading. The stem is hairless and stands erect. In pure stands, reed canarygrass will respond to extremely high rates of nitrogen. The flowers are This grass … Control measures should be implemented when reed canary grass degrades the natural quality or diversity of a community. Canary grass seed, or reed canary grass seed, is produced by Allied Seed. However, Schoth (1938) stated that reed canarygrass was primarily a pasture

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