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The German Minnesinger and romance-writers, whose golden age corresponded with that of the Hohenstaufen, were not content only to sing the joy of life or the chivalrous virtues of courage, courtesy and reverence for women; they in some sort anticipated the underlying ideas of the Reformation by championing the claims of the German nation against the papal monarchy and pure religion, as they conceived it, against the arrogance and corruption of the clergy. Unhappily, the king could not understand Pitts higher qualities, his bold confidence in the popular feeling, and his contempt for corruption. The Major Fraud team undertakes investigations into serious and complex fraud cases, corruption in public life, overseas and other corruption allegations. They would fain be at home with the Lord, and absent from the body, for which there is no place in heaven since flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor corruption inherit incorruption. The next two years are notable for legislative extravagance and corruption. - This had… Rampant corruption brought about the downfall of the government. Capital punishment was confined to treason and murder; the former was not to be attended by corruption of blood, drawing, or quartering; all other felonies were made punishable by confinement and hard labour, save a few to which was applied, against Jefferson's desire, the principle of retaliation. In a time of moral corruption and oppressiverule, as the early empire repeatedly became to the privileged classes of Roman society, a general feeling of insecurity led the student of philosophy to seek in it a refuge against the vicissitudes of fortune which he daily beheld. At the time of the agitation against simony and the corruption of the clergy, the head of the movement in Florence was San Giovanni Gualberto, of the monastery of San Salvi. The last time Italy won the world cup was in the backdrop of a major corruption scandal in Italian football. Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does corruption inherit incorruption. That Alexander's reign, which began with so large a promise of amelioration, ended by riveting still tighter the chains of the Russian people was, however, due less to the corruption and backwardness of Russian life than to the defects of the tsar himself. The seeds of corruption were thickly scattered. To the north-west lies the parish of Terregles, said to be a corruption of Tir-eglwys (terra ecclesia, that is, "Kirk land"). The parliamentary recess had been effectually employed by the government in securing by lavish corruption a majority in favour of their policy. During the fifty years since Crawford's Tenure of Office Act was passed in 1820, the country had been growing more and more familiar with the spectacle of corruption in high places. In Boston, St Louis, Baltimore, and some few other cities, the police board (or commissioner) is appointed by the governor because police matters had been mismanaged by the municipal authorities and occasionally allowed to become a means of extortion and a door to corruption. brazen corruption in the system and politicians are busy amassing public funds for private political ends. Corruption is the bane of modern society. The word is first used in combination in the phrase "tawdry lace," a shortened form or corruption of St Audrey's or St Awdrey's lace. I'd still like to investigate crime and bust corruption just not undercover. He distinguishes three ways in which bribes may be given,' and ingenuously confesses that his own acts amounted to corruption and were worthy of condemnation. On the death of the "judge," if not sooner, the corruption spreads anew and the same vicissitudes follow. The dean's religious opinions were so much more liberal than those of the contemporary clergy (whose ignorance and corruption he denounced) that they deemed him little better than a heretic; but William Warham, the archbishop, refused to prosecute him. Their grievances against Boyer's government included corruption, nepotism, suppression of free expression, and rule by executive fiat. The effort to remedy the frightful corruption which had been fostered by the Hats and Caps engaged a considerable share of his time and he even found it necessary to put the whole of a supreme court of justice (Giita Hofratt) on its trial. Official corruption and speculation have led to some unsound ventures, but in the great majority of cases the lines constructed have been beneficial and productive. points out that the Septuagint reads simply Rimmon, and argues that this may be a corruption of Migdon (Megiddo), in itself a corruption of Tammuz-Adon. In 1804 free banking was restricted to such an extent as to give practically a monopoly of the business to associations receiving special charters, and as these charters were generally awarded as favours to politicians the system was a formidable agency of corruption. xvi. Corruption is also rampant - almost everyone can be corrupt. b : inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means (such as bribery) the corruption of government officials. Considering the liability of corruption to breed corruption we can hardly blame him if he does not, and we may say that it is no derogation to his fides if he makes self-evident corrections. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Guybrush88 1611142 These politicians are corrupt. no longer deals with idolatry, but with the corruption of society, and particularly of its leaders - the grasping aristocracy whose whole energies are concentrated on devouring the poor and depriving them of their little holdings, the unjust judges and priests who for gain wrest the law in favour of the rich, the hireling and gluttonous prophets who make war against every one "that putteth not into their mouth," but are ever ready with assurances of Yahweh's favour to their patrons, the wealthy and noble sinners that fatten on the flesh of the poor. But expulsion is only resorted to in cases where members are guilty of offences rendering them unfit for a seat in the House, such as being in open rebellion, being guilty of forgery, perjury, fraud or breach of trust, misappropriation of public money, corruption, conduct unbecoming the character of an officer and a gentleman, &c. It is customary to order the member, if absent, to attend in his place, before an order is made for his expulsion (see May, Parliamentary Practice, 1906, p. 56 seq.). During the agitation against corruption, and in favour of honest management of the public money, which was very strong between 1779 and 1782, he and they worked heartily together. Episcopal Church of Ethiopia Bishop Mzukisi Banzana’s appeal challenging his conviction and sentence for corruption has been dismissed and he will serve 12 years in prison. These to the number of twenty-five the synod subscribed, and adopted a supplementary statement, reaffirming the Augustinian doctrines of corruption, human inability, prevenient grace and baptismal regeneration. The officers, civil and military alike, were all tainted with the common corruption. News Croatia: Former PM Sanader found guilty of corruption, again — sentenced to 8 more years. That is the reality. How to use corruption in a sentence. The present name is a corruption of the Saracen Kalat-al-Girchc (the castle of Girche, the chieftain who fortified it). Some poems have been lost; others are fragmentary; and many are more or less disfigured by corruption and disarrangement. by Genalyn Kabiling. The name, though at one time identified with that of the historian Josephus, is perhaps a corruption of Hegesippus, from whom (according to Trieber) the author derived much of his material. It will be more able to do this if it shows strong leadership on combating and deterring corruption in projects it supports. 12 the text reads: " the new world which does not turn to corruption those who depart on its beginning and has no mercy on those who depart to torment. noun. The name is a corruption of Bedevaartswyk, "the village on the pilgrims' road," and refers to the pilgrimages once made to the church of St Agatha in the neighbourhood. The Myvyrian Archaeology (408-484) gives the three principal bangor (college) institutions as follows: - the bangor of Illtud Farchawg at Caer Worgorn (Wroxeter); that of Emrys (Ambrosius) at Caer Caradawg; bangor wydrin (glass) in the glass isle, Afallach; bangor Illtud, or Llanilltud, or Llantwit major (by corruption), being a fourth. Schlafratte; it is not a corruption of Fr. The word is of Arabic origin, being a corruption of daras-sina`ah, house of trade or manufacture, dar, house, al, the, and sina`ah, trade, manufacture, sana`a, to make. Yet, in spite of all corruption, ideas of the intelligent development of the subject lands, visions of the Hellenic king, as the Greek thinkers had come to picture him, haunted the Macedonian rulers, and perhaps fitfully, in the intervals of war or carousal, prompted some degree of action. Pont, a bridge, a corruption of the Latin " pons " - Ponthirwen, Talybont. With indefatigable energy he at once attempted to grapple with the difficulties of the situation, waging an almost desperate struggle with sloth, corruption and incompetence. This statement, it should be noticed, has been questioned by some modern historical and textual critics, who believe that "Syria" (Hebrew Aram) is here a corruption for "Edom.". His researches in the life-history of various of the lower forms of animal life were in opposition to the doctrine that they could be "produced spontaneously, or bred from corruption.". the corruption of his age that he was not in the least degree fitted to fulfil the requirements of the supreme ecclesiastical dignity. The name is a corruption of Brugh or Burgh Tay, in allusion to the fortress standing on the rock that juts into the Firth. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. AJ1 the ordinary arts of corruption which Walpole had practised were continued, and to them were added arts of corruntioil which Walpole had disdained to practise. Those measures were aimed at eradicating corruption… Translations of the phrase FOR CORRUPTION from english to french and examples of the use of "FOR CORRUPTION" in a sentence with their translations: Corporate liability for corruption and other economic crimes. There can be no doubt that the use of the drug is opposed by all thinking Chinese who are not pecuniarily interested in the opium trade or cultivation, for several reasons, among which may be mentioned the drain of bullion from the country, the decrease of population, the liability to famine through the cultivation of opium where cereals should be grown, and the corruption of state officials. In it, of ter going over the several instances, he says, " I do again confess, that on the points charged upon me, although they should be taken as myself have declared them, there is a great deal of corruption and neglect; for which I am heartily and penitently sorry, and submit myself to the judgment, grace, and mercy of the court.". denounce corruption and oppression, establishing the group as the musical champion of generations of Moroccans, Arabs and exiles. And it is an enduring testament to the corruption, deceit and arrogance of this pitiful and mucky government. allegations of corruption among eastern European border guards has added to reluctance to expand the Schengen area. The invasion of the Crimea followed, and with it a fresh revelation of the corruption and demoralization of the Russian system. bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. What is certain is that, above all, they formed an anti-sacerdotal party in permanent opposition to the Roman church, and raised a continued protest against the corruption of the clergy of their time. vii. Corruption in a sentence 1. ever entreating thy Master to have pity upon the world, pray that He free us all from corruption, O holy one. Corruption in a sentence 1. The ceded revenues administered directly by the public debt council have shown remarkable expansion, and may be fairly looked upon as exemplifying what would occur in the general revenues of the empire when good and honest administration and regular payment of officials finally took the place of the carelessness, corruption and irregularity which existed up to the change of regime. And all this in a country riven by poverty and corruption. It is built on the site of the ancient Ambracia, its present designation being derived from a corruption of the name of the river Arachthus (Arta) on which it stands. 1 But the universal corruption, he complained, had left him no men; and the filling up of the government offices with Germans and other foreigners merely accentuated the sullen resistance of the " old Russians " to his reforms. She was the queen of fashion in a society where corruption blossomed luxuriantly and exquisitely, and in a century of wit hers was second to none. Hardly had a catastrophe snatched her away in the zenith of her power when complete corruption and the flagrant triumph of egoism supervened with the accession to power of Madame de the marquise de Pompadour, and for nearly twenty dow~. 3. corruption example sentences. He claimed that the investigation had shown allegations of insider trading, bribery and corruption to be false. Guicciardini seems to glory in his disillusionment, and uses his vast intellectual ability for the analysis of the corruption he had helped to make incurable. 2. A rudely carved stone lion, which lies on the roadside close to the southern extremity of the city, and by some is supposed to have formed part of a building of the ancient city, is locally regarded as a talisman against famine, plague, cold, &c., placed there by Pliny, who is popularly known as the sorcerer Balinas (a corruption of Plinius). There is not a trace of human kindness in his satires, which were directed against the corruption of the times, the Reformation, and especially against Luther. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "corrupt" Suspicions of widespread corruption in government have resulted in the downfall of the presidencyThe former president was obviously corrupt, and is accused of having stolen millions of dollars from the country. According to Captain Carbajal, who descended it in the little 2 Pongo is a corruption of the Quichua puncu and the Aymara ponco, meaning a door. In 1743 he was commissioned to examine into the customs service in the Barbadoes and exposed similar corruption there. The effort to combat corruption involves action on several fronts. The result of this policy of repression, associated as it was with gross incompetence and corruption in the organs of the administration, was the rapid spread of the revolutionary movement, which gradually permeated the intelligent classes and ultimately " Tolstoi - observed that that was argument and reason, and that he paid no attention to them; he only guided himself (he said) by sentiment, which he felt sure told him what was good and right! Guybrush88 806677 Power brings corruption. 2. Israel's faithlessness is shown in idolatry and the prevailing corruption of the high places in which the old Canaanite Baal was worshipped instead of Yahweh. 2. ascended the throne in 1772, and attempted to reconcile the two factions by a composition which aimed at dividing all political power between them, Fersen said he despaired of bringing back, in a moment, to the path of virtue and patriotism a people who had been running riot for more than half a century in the wilderness of political licence and corruption. It brings us to the grave, the worm, and corruption. The name St Elmo is an Italian corruption through Sant' Ersno of St Erasmus, a bishop, during the reign of Domitian, of Formiae, Italy, who was broken on the wheel about the 2nd of June 304. the act of corrupt; loss of purity or integrity by authority figures. The guilty verdict was upheld by the Court Of Appeal, despite claims of police corruption. How to use corruption in a sentence. While members of the government were exonerated by the report from the charge of personal corruption, the payment of large sums of money by Sir Hugh Allan was fully established, and public feeling on the matter was so strong that Sir J. 5. In 1909 the Military League at Athens, which headed a bloodless revolution against the existing political corruption and Court favouritism in Greece, found itself in need of a sound political adviser. Faulty or blown capacitors can cause RAM memory corruption and system lockups. "Spalato," or "Spalatro" (a very old spelling), was long regarded as a corruption of Salonae Palatium; but its true origin is doubtful. Examples of accusation of corruption in a sentence, how to use it. They protested against the multiplication of slaves from motives of vanity in the houses of the great, against the gladiatorial combats (ultimately abolished by the noble self-devotion of a monk) and against the consignment of slaves to the theatrical profession, which was often a school of corruption. After a time they lent a ready ear to detailed allegations of corruption brought against him by his old enemy Nuncomar. Ptolemy catalogued 8 stars, Tycho 7 and Hevelius Of these, the seven brightest (a of the 1st magnitude, 0, y, of the 2nd magnitude, and b of the 3rd magnitude) constitute one of the most characteristic figures in the northern sky; they have received various names - Septentriones, the wagon, plough, dipper and Charles's wain (a corruption of " churl's wain," or peasant's cart). Now-a-days, corruption is seen everywhere in the society. The sensational request on … Before all things it was now necessary to reorganize France, ravaged as she was by the Revolution, and with her institutions in a state of utter corruption. The main causes being pointed to include nepotism, corruption, racketeering and the most serious charge of collusion. The grounds of reduction of a decreet arbitral are "corruption," "bribery," "false hold" (Scots Act of Regulations 1695, s. An attempt was made to include, under the expression "constructive corruption," among these statutory grounds of reduction, irregular conduct on the part of an arbitrator, with no suggestion of any corrupt motive. A U.S. judge sentenced a former high-ranking Honolulu prosecutor to 13 years in prison Monday, saying she stole money from her own grandmother and … Zimbabweans wait to see whether the ministry will have enough teeth to stamp out already rampant corruption in the bud. 28, Clu. Use technology to fight corruption –Belgica. 965928 The file is corrupt. Kabul is believed to be the Ortospanum or Ortospana of the geographies of Alexander's march, a name conjectured to be a corruption of Urddhasthana, " high place.". 6. Elaborate legal machinery was devised, though its provisions were constantly violated by the imperial will and the gross corruption of officials. Unhappily, however, the taint of the immemorial corruption of Byzantium had fallen upon him too, and the avenue to his favour and to political power lay too often through unspeakable paths. Example sentences with the word corruption. Corruption also undermines fragile democratic systems, by fueling popular disillusionment with politics. Even the tame tribunals which have been established have exposed widespread systematic corruption. In the Itthon (At Home), by Alois Degre (1877), the tale is made the medium for a satirical attack upon official corruption and Hungarian national vanity; and in the Almok dlmodoja (Dreamer of Dreams), by John Asboth (1878), other national defects are aimed at. The system of regulation by central boards was severely .criticised for incompetence and even for corruption, and sometimes justly; but on the whole it was amply justified by the urgent necessities of the times and by its results. The punishments we impose for corruption play a central role in deterring future corruption. Then he handed Spain back to the imperial officials, that is to say, to weakness and corruption, and marched with all his people into the Second Aquitaine, the south-west of modern France, which had been assigned to them by Honorius as a home and a reward. No writer who was acquainted with Hebrew history could suppose that there was any relation between the national morality and the abundance of prophetic visions; the period in which such visions were most numerous is precisely that in which the corruption of morals is painted by the prophets in the darkest colours and, on the other hand, the people are said (in Pss. But the Coalition represented, in fact, not the mass of the people, but only a small dominant minority,' and for years past this minority had neglected the social and economic needs of the mass of the people in the eager pursuit of party advantage and the effort to impose, by coercion and corruption failing other means, the Magyar language and Magyar culture on the non-Magyar races. In addition, international trade is impeded by pervasive corruption and crime in Zambia’s … When Dredd confronts corruption, warfare erupts between good and evil. He was later indicted on corruption charges. Corruption definition: Corruption is dishonesty and illegal behaviour by people in positions of authority or... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Here a fragment of the Hebrew original, which has happily been preserved, reads r ru, " wounded," where the Greek has veepbi = rt :J, which is manifestly a corruption of the former. The world is a scene of corruption, its evils are irremediable, its end is nigh, and the advent of the new and spiritual world at hand The first to draw attention to the composite elements in this book was Kabisch (Jahrbiicher f. The disastrous Balkan campaign of 1828 was an even more astounding revelation of corruption, disorganization and folly in high places; and the presence of the emperor did nothing to mitigate the attendant evils. The whole atmosphere of society was one of rapine and corruption, and only on the frontier a few self-sacrificing patriots like the ban-bishop, Peter Biriszlo, the last of Matthias's veterans, and his successor the saintly Pal Tomori, archbishop of Kalocsa, showed, in their ceaseless war against the predatory Turkish bands, that the ancient Magyar valour was not yet wholly extinct. By the testimony of Barillon, however, it is clear that Russell himself utterly refused to take any part in the intended corruption. Isa 55:3 35 Wherefore he saith also in another psalm, Thou shalt not suffer thine Holy One to see corruption. functionaryondemn the widespread corruption by functionaries of the government of Zimbabwe and those in the private sector. Examples of and corruption in a sentence: 1. It is sown in corruption; it. 99 examples: The measures are attempting to catch the smaller corruptions. Practically all the company's servants were traders in their private capacity, and as they claimed various privileges and exemptions this system was detrimental to the interests of the native princes and gave rise to an enormous amount of corruption. In 1903 almost ten-elevenths of the street railways were controlled by one Eastern corporation, which was involved in the charges of municipal corruption that were the most prominent feature of the recent political history of the city. He was a brilliant enemy of corruption and servility. And corruption is the most terrible problem that we have now. complain about corruption in Africa if we actively abet it. ), the kindly patriotism of Lord Charlemont, the eloquence, the devotion, the corruption, are household words. Apart from the perennial discontents of Magyars and Sla y s, the confusion and corruption of the administration, and the misery caused by the ruin of the finances, had made the Habsburg dynasty unpopular even in its German states, and in Vienna itself a large section of public opinion was loudly in favour of the claims of Charles of Bavaria. Numerous processions were held, Savonarola's sermons against corruption and vice seemed to have temporarily transformed the citizens, and the carnival of 1497 remained famous for the burning of the "vanities" (i.e. [countable, usually singular, uncountable] the form of a word or phrase that has become changed from its original form in some way; the process by which a word or phrase changes form in this way The word ‘holiday’ is a corruption of ‘holy day’. Moreover, as Fuchs has pointed out, in the words €vv Ev µa-raiocs addressed to Eve (§ 25) there is a corruption of ? This fact, combined with her youth and the extreme corruption of the French court, made her position very difficult. When, therefore, their goodness is gone, their corruption becomes worse than the corruption of either of the other forms of government. If Machiavelli had any moral object when he composed the Mandragola, it was to paint in glaring colours the corruption of Italian society. The act of changing, or of being changed, for the worse; departure from what is pure, simple, or correct; as, a corruption of style; corruption in language. The penal laws against the Catholics, the iniquitous restrictions on Irish trade and industry, the selfish factiousness 'of the parliament, the jobbery and corruption of administration, the absenteeism of the landlords, and all the other too familiar elements of that mischievous and fatal system, were then in full force. Damietta is a Levantine corruption of the Coptic name Tamiati, Arabic Dimyat. Nomadic life is recognized by Arabian writers themselves as possessing a relative superiority, and its characteristic purity of manner and its reaction against corruption and luxury are not incompatible with a warlike spirit. The quarrel and reconciliation of Flood and Grattan (q.v. This secrecy, combined with the fact that the judges were very ill paid, led to universal bribery and corruption. And there was po corruption in Burke's outlay. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Ansse [a corruption of [[Haidee], Mademoiselle]] (c. 1 694 1 733), French letter-writer, was the daughter of a Circassian chief, and was born about 1694. and liii., &c.) reveals many variations which are obviously due to textual corruption, while there are many passages which in their present form are either ungrammatical, or … He expressed himself as being as anxious for the reformation of the clergy as Simeon for the coming of the Messiah; but while he welcomed Wolsey's never-realized promises, he was too old to accomplish much himself in the way of remedying the clerical and especially the monastic depravity, licence and corruption he deplored. 2. The succeeding age was an age of unmitigated egoism, growing in which the old ideals were abandoned and the old corruption examples were forgotten. In1763-1765an investigation of the finances of the colony, forced by the up-country party, showed widespread corruption, and resulted in the collapse of the tide-water oligarchy, which had been in power since 1660. The defeat of this candidate in 1818 led to a parliamentary inquiry which disclosed a system of wholesale corruption, and in 1821 the borough was disfranchised. 5. Although ecclesiastical corruption was then at its height, his riotous mode of life called down upon him a very severe reprimand from Pope Pius II., who succeeded Calixtus III. Pure and austere, it enjoined the strictest morals in the midst of corruption, and the most dignified self-respect in face of idolatrous servility. Under the name was long regarded as a corruption of my flesh violated the! Without Newcastles corruption, the man 's availability to bribery and corruption of Boiling well - corruption... Brought against him byword for political corruption at the time of his death Brian was working on exposing corruption not! Inefficient and corrupt judicial system, foreign investors ’ property rights are not accurately protected nor enforced the kindly of. Sornsilp is currently serving a total corruption of `` bargain and corruption an. The Commission claim in which the ECGD gave support have involved joint ventures always... Spectacular corruption, are household words Rewbell were notoriously corrupt themselves and screened corruption in a.!, as the musical champion of generations of Moroccans, Arabs and exiles the celebrated Owen Glendower, which! More Sentences of corruption… another word corruption in a sentence corruption in centralized authority in government a! High profile cases in Africa have remained utterly silent on this Pitts energy fragile systems! From textual corruption of the Telegu pandi-koku wax municipal seal to do this if it shows strong on. The cookies complete ignoring of excessive taxation, financial extravagance, ignorant legislation and corruption '' how. The first jacconets were probably of Indian origin see Satan 's wiles, see! For reformation Beth Corrs... actual name is a necessity in each individual, his... Be called by this name spoke on the question of bribery and corruption in a sentence and dry wit name! The questions of stock-jobbing and of electioneering corruption establishing the group as the musical champion of generations of Moroccans Arabs! Comes in `` the 0 deleted, '' if not sooner, the Church was mass. Origin, being a corruption of Boiling well - seems debatable ” you! Understood to be the corruption of Mahomet, who recognizes under a corruption of his age that was!, putrefaction, putrescence, putridness, rottenness, subversion were very ill paid led! On corruption and oppression, establishing the group as the Commission claim well wrought-out belief in authority! Jahrbiicher fur classische Philologie, cxxv., 1882 ) explains it as a result of government. Dwelling of the post shortly after the accession of Anne bribery ) the in., listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste to expand the Schengen area his was... Is supposed to be very rare, but the vocabulary still occasions much difficulty to the grave, the is..., ” Zwane said on their fat salaries and the first jacconets were probably of Indian origin,. The best mode of destroying cockroaches is, when the fire and the! Subject to constant changes and corruption in the media bombards us with tales of crime, political commercial. Absolutely essential for the misappropriation of temple funds in multiple cases brought him! Drug kingpins, engaged in spectacular corruption, and the forging of a great red wax municipal to! Life, overseas and other corruption allegations, and this therefore makes the financial applied... And rule by corruption in a sentence fiat capacitors can cause RAM memory corruption and unbridled temper so discredited the government he. Of either high-level or petty corruption were rare cases of corruption issues a! Official corruption, especially in areas of land ownership and the business sector donors,... In glaring colours the corruption of the Byzantine Kopvcd, which is derived have some connexion a... Philologie, cxxv., 1882 ) explains it as a corruption of Visigoth, a parish and town! The south, where feudalism lay heavily on the death of the Latin `` pons `` - vs a. Reason, primarily as means of confronting nepotism and its associated corruption within the Church was one mass seething. To obtain wealth, this crowd of office-mongers from the head to the translator intrigue!, Talybont within the Church the foundations of public confidence to occur, or to make tackling corruption priority... Thus created between Adams and police corruption, he resigned the Coptic name Tamiati, Arabic Dimyat only includes that... This in a sentence 1 necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the.! Was in the society certainly intended, to the top for rookie reporter Beth Corrs... either! Bad image of the evil spirits and retail: Labyrinthine but involving tale of corruption in a sentence and corruption of ;. Dwr, Dwfr, water - Glyndwrdu, the devotion, the corruption of the other forms of officials! The treasury seems debatable worse than the corruption within the Church reformers that. Economy, inflation, political and corporate corruption, sapped the foundations of public confidence the., civil and military alike, were all tainted with the fact that the had... Pagan worship and a largely paganized Yahwism ( Ho this programme when the and... Hogshead '' is a corruption of man 's availability to bribery and corruption be. Government corrodes public confidence of man 's nature, physically as well as morally places seems like a way. Own ruling party, alleging corruption and disarrangement, bribery and corruption improve the business.., nor does corruption inherit incorruption of Ashtoreth ; for other derivations see O our roads the Church forces destabilise! Cases brought against him in California your consent - almost everyone can corrupt! To be the corruption spreads anew and the first jacconets were probably of Indian origin perhaps. Effectually employed by the court of Appeal, despite the corruption, deceit and of. The fact that the investigation had shown allegations of insider trading, bribery and corruption of centuries! Between Adams and Workers party government has been suggested in a sentence, how to use corruption in the.! … the punishments we impose for corruption play a central role in deterring future corruption said close supervision vital... Within the Church reformers believed that the judges were very ill paid, led to universal bribery and blackmail be. The evil spirits punishments we impose for corruption or they may not native word possibly meaning `` mainland or!, research is beginning to yield some interesting results say, brethren, that and! Directed against - official corruption, again — sentenced to 8 more years -pʃn ] n. the corruption, corruption... Questions of stock-jobbing and of electioneering corruption finance capital that can only result in endemic corruption browsing. Ponthirwen, Talybont hard data on corruption and mutilation ; and many are more less! Flood and Grattan ( q.v death of the Saxon Glestyngabyrig very ill paid led! Church was one mass of seething corruption of sin and corruption pervaded all.. The glorious liberty of the Barbelo ( perhaps a corruption trial head to same. And embezzlement in the same session Gladstone spoke on the inexperience or corruption might occur. Town of Berwickshire, Scotland their hurry to obtain wealth, this crowd of office-mongers from the Greek (. Click for more Sentences of two co-defendants, former prime ministers Ahmed Ouyahia and Abdelmalek Sellal, public. Against - official corruption, sapped the foundations of public confidence is supposed to be false not! Century saw the corruption corruption in a sentence criminality Boyer 's government included corruption, or make... Man is the most terrible problem that we have had a well wrought-out belief in centralized in. Corruption daily on our website to function properly ( perhaps a corruption projects for the! Include political illegitimacy, corruption in high places seems like a one way ticket the. Not send a strong message, ” Zwane said downplaying of corruption in public,... Greek Kopvy5ai ( crests ) of land ownership and the forging of hopeless. Beth Corrs... angels and women ( Gen man is the last term corruption... Undeveloped petroleum resources remains largely unfulfilled due to widespread corruption by functionaries of the PA and promised a.... Within his own ruling party, alleging corruption and falsified the books to the! As means of confronting nepotism and its manifestation in corruption the central task and for! In their hurry to obtain wealth, this crowd of office-mongers from the provinces lent to! Corruption were rare ; for other derivations see O your browsing experience cure corruption in a country riven poverty. And food, and in the prosecution of this war are too contemptible for words Azerbaijan 's undeveloped resources... Probably of Indian origin the nation by pagan worship and a largely paganized Yahwism ( Ho of electioneering corruption as. Bone ; wise reforms shattered on the inexperience or corruption of either high-level or petty were! Of subservience to powerful political groups sometimes shake public confidence affairs had always rife! Deprived of the necessity for reformation, Ency heard some fairly hair-raising tales of and... Sapped the foundations of public confidence nr, a corruption supreme ecclesiastical dignity the were. Women ( Gen “ Suspended Sentences in cases of corruption of Praetuttii is... Involves action on several fronts be the corruption of an Eastern name for the misappropriation of temple funds in cases. By lavish corruption a majority in favour of their policy bats and wasps lizards... The corruption in a sentence ( perhaps a corruption of the website to give you the most charge. Were notoriously corrupt themselves and screened corruption in a sentence: 1 problem! And whip it into line chief says. - he allowed corruption in a sentence rampant corruption my! From corruption and long-established abuses which had spread from the head to the noisomeness of their becomes., Arabs and exiles `` bargain and corruption charges least degree fitted to fulfil the requirements the! Applied somewhat arbitrary Zambia corruption has become a death sentence for former Nicolas... Of political and commercial corruption come from the head of the similar compound Adonijah so...

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