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tail is a program available on Unix, Unix-like systems, FreeDOS and MSX-DOS used to display the tail end of a text file or piped data. An oxtail typically weighs 7–8 lb (3.2–3.6 kg) and is skinned and cut into short lengths for sale. Tutorial on using tail, a UNIX and Linux command for outputting the last part of files. It is similar to acne in humans and results from excess skin oil, which is referred to medically as keratosebaceous debris, in the rear area of the cat’s body. tail 1. The image of the tail wagging the dog is attested from 1907. As mentioned above, a tail strike is when an aircraft hits its tail during a takeoff or landing. The tail is actually a gland that attaches the turkey’s feathers to its body. He flicks his tail back and forth, all … Bells on bobtail ring – In the song, “Jingle Bells,” a bobtail refers to the tail of a horse, with the hair cut short so that it does not get caught in the reins while pulling a sleigh. It is considered by many as one of the world's foremost motorcycling and … Find more ways to say tail, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. A tail positioned straight down can signal aggression. Social dogs usually enjoy playing with other dogs, either while out on a walk or at a dog park. A lower tail is a very … noun the hindmost part of an animal, especially that forming a distinct, flexible appendage to the trunk. tail (n.2) Thomas absolutely loves to play tail tag with Bella. A tail-log backup captures any log records which has not yet been backed up by the last transactional log backup. Tail Coverage — a provision found within a claims-made policy that permits an insured to report claims that are made against the insured after a policy has expired or been canceled, if the wrongful act that gave rise to the claim took during the expired/canceled policy. Cat tail tag. For example, a bid of $92.125 has a tail of.125. The main advantage to using a boat tail bullet is increased accuracy, or more accurately, increased wind resistance. It is filled with oil that the bird uses to preen itself, so about 75 percent of its calories come from fat. The tail is located at the end of the vertebral column. If more than one file name is provided then data from each file is … To turn tail "take flight" (1580s) originally was a term in falconry. The tail is the posterior elongated part of a cat that extends beyond the trunk or main part of the body. Stud tail is a fairly rare skin condition that occurs mainly on the base of the tail in cats. Oxtail (occasionally spelled ox tail or ox-tail) is the culinary name for the tail of cattle.Formerly, it referred only to the tail of an ox. Tail coverage is an endorsement (or an addition) to your insurance that allows you to file a claim against your policy after it expired or was canceled. The purpose of a boat tail is to provide a more stable flight by increasing the ballistic coefficient… Ballistics Lesson: Ballistic Coefficient It’s common in Italian and Korean cuisine to … Photo: Maarten Visser via Wikimedia What is a tail strike? The tail-race (1776) is the part of a mill race below the wheel. It applies to claims-made insurance policies and typically involves paying your insurer an additional fee. The tail race, containing tail water, is a channel that carries water away from a hydroelectric plant or water wheel.The water in this channel has already been used to rotate turbine blades or the water wheel itself. The tail is the most posterior or caudal terminal appendage of the vertebral column on a dog. Boat-Tail Advantages. Tail-Log Backups. Elective surgery for dogs: It may sound odd, but it’s exactly what some purebreds undergo shortly after birth.Two surgical procedures -- ear cropping and tail docking-- have long been routine in certain breeds like Dobermans, German shorthaired pointers, and schnauzers. Watch out. An estate in land subject to a restriction regarding inheritance. Tail coverage requires that the insured pay additional premium. It is the hind-most part of the backbone. something resembling or suggesting this in shape or position: the tail of a kite. The meat is gelatinous, and is best used for stocks, soups, and braises. E-tail definition is - retail business conducted online via the World Wide Web. Learn more. The tail is located at the end of the vertebral column. Tails uses the Tor network to protect your privacy online and help you avoid censorship. However, that fun can turn to pain. What causes limber tail? Last Updated: 27-05-2019 It is the complementary of head command.The tail command, as the name implies, print the last N number of data of the given input. On Unix-like operating systems, the tail command reads a file, and outputs the last part of it (the "tail"). Tailwind is the social media scheduling tool that gets real results in less time. Beginning at Deals Gap on the Tennessee/North Carolina state line is the Tail of the Dragon. Avoid surveillance, censorship, advertising, and viruses. Tail-Log backups that have incomplete backup metadata. By default it prints the last 10 lines of the specified files. Limber tail often is due to a muscle sprain or strain in a dog’s tail. tail definition: 1. a part of an animal's body, sticking out from the base of the back, or something similar in…. Fee Tail. The pursuit of casual sexual relations, especially a male's pursuit of a female. The tail is skinned and cut into sections; each section has a tailbone with some marrow in the center, and a bony portion of meat surrounding the tail. A fee tail is an interest in real property that is ordinarily created with words such as "to A and the heirs of his body." Dog Bites. “The tail is a place that can be injured very easily when dogs play with other dogs or when escaping from an animal seeking to do them harm,” Mahaney says. Tail log backups capture the tail of the log even if the database is offline, damaged, or missing data files. An aircraft experiencing a tail strike. Most people chose this as the best definition of tail: The definition of a tail... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. For example, it's a useful way to monitor the newest events in a system log in real time. Tail Risk Hedging. These injuries are associated with overuse, but also can be due to: The tail command can also monitor data streams and open files, displaying new information as it is written. Examples of outputting the last ten lines of a file, limiting the number of lines, limiting the number of bytes, showing multiple files, watching a file for changes and using pipes. In a bid for a new security issue, the portion of the bid price that follows the decimal. Another word for tail. It extends beyond the trunk or main part of the body. Position: low. The Washington Redskins franchise will officially drop its reference to Native Americans on Monday and could replace it with Red Tails. Tail of the Dragon Details. Where Is the Tail Located? This water has served its purpose, and leaves the power generation unit or water wheel area.. This might cause incomplete metadata from the restore information commands and msdb. Being aware of extreme events associated with fat tails is not enough to protect an investment from economic turmoil. When another aircraft hits an aircraft’s tail during taxi, it is a collision and not generally referred to as a tail … Another Old English word for "tail" was steort (see stark). the whale tail is the shape formed when a g-string rides up high over a womans trousers However, only the metadata is incomplete; the captured log is complete and usable. This sad state of tail has many names, including cold-water tail, broken wag, swimmer’s tail, frozen tail, and sprung tail. There are multiple scenarios when we need to take this tail-log backup, but we will today focus on the one scenario which is restoring the online database. Where is the Tail Located? Bobtail – An Old English Sheepdog breed that has its tail typically cut short or completely removed soon after birth.

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