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Conversely, if a conviction stands, then the claimant will fail in an action for malicious prosecution. Malice is an element that can be established by inference from circumstances and cannot be proved by direct evidence. This article discusses the elements of a malicious prosecution or abuse of process claim. Malicious Prosecution . 189, p.194. Law, p. 184. 390, 402 (1851). In India, where fundamental rights are protected with all its vigour, it is about time that the law of malicious prosecution is also granted constitutional status. Reasonable and probable cause must be such, as would operate on the mind of a discreet and reasonable man; ‘malice’ and ‘want of reasonable and probable cause’ have reference to the state of the defendant’s mind at the date of the initiation of criminal proceedings and the onus rests on the plaintiff to prove them.”, Malice has been identified to include wrong or indirect motive, but a prosecution cannot be labelled as malicious if it is only inspired by anger. Defending against bogus criminal charges can be a traumatic experience for anyone, particularly if those charges were filed with malice. When a plaintiff is successful in his case, damages for malicious prosecution may be substantial. The other view was that a prosecution commenced as soon as a charge was made before the court and before the process was issued to the accused. The existence of a reasonable or probable cause for the prosecution of the plaintiff can serve as a complete defence. [27] Salmond, Jurisprudence, at p.374 (1966). PERSONS. The proper test was indicated by the Privy Council in Mohammad Amin v. Jogendra Kumar Bannerjee[15]. The intentional "dignitary" tort of malicious prosecution may be brought by someone against whom a criminal or civil action has proceeded without probable cause and with malicious intent. Malice means, narrowly, a prosecution inspired by some motive of which the law disapproves. 13 at p. 14, [16] 3 C. Ambalam v Jagannatha, AIR 1959 Mad. Malicious prosecution is the malicious institution against another of an unsuccessful criminal, bankruptcy or liquidation proceeding, without reasonable or probable cause. A claim of malicious prosecution is a tort action. The Elements of a Malicious Prosecution Claim. Learn more about FindLaw’s newsletters, including our terms of use and privacy policy. 170 at 192 to 193: There are four necessary elements which must be proved for a plaintiff to succeed in an action for malicious prosecution: a) the proceedings must have been initiated by the defendant; ... FOR THE LAW COULD NOT HAVE MEANT TO IMPOSE A PENALTY ON THE RIGHT TO LITIGATE. Malicious prosecution occurs when one party has knowingly and with malicious intent initiated baseless litigation against another party. Malicious Prosecution. 1970 Orissa 91 at p. 100. So is the view of Bhagwati, J. : “No action for malicious prosecution or for any other malicious proceeding which involves a judicial decision of any question at issue between the parties will lie, until or unless the prosecution or other proceeding has been terminated in favour of the person complaining of it. For malicious prosecution, or for false imprisonment, or for injuries done to the character or reputation of another by libel or slander. Previously available only in relation to criminal claims, this case now offers a brand new cause of action for a defendant who has suffered as a result of the malicious prosecution of civilproceedings against it, for which there was no reasonable and probable cause. In a malicious prosecution case, the Plaintiff must prove the four elements as articulated in Nelles v. Ontario, [1989] 2 S.C.R. There are five ingredients to the tort of malicious prosecution, namely: All the above-mentioned conditions must co-exist before a plaintiff can succeed.[10]. [8] Salmond, Torts, at p.720 (1961): Winfield, Tort, at p.575 (1967); [10] Major Gian Singh v. SP Batra, AIR 1973 (P&H) 400 at p. 408. This compensation may not get back his reputation, although, it acts as exemplary damage and has the ability to prevent/ reduce such malicious prosecution. A combination of malice and lack of reasonable and probable cause is essential to prove cause of action. The basic evolution of the law has taken place in England. The prosecutor becomes obsessed with the idea that the businessman caused him to lose the election. Whether Mr Wood will be able to prove his case is yet to be determined, and the case is expected to commence in February next year. Plaintiffs also may claim a damaged reputation, loss of future earning potential, attorney fees, court fees. That the prosecution ended in his favour; That the prosecution lacked reasonable and probable cause; The proceedings must have been instituted, or continued by the defendant; He must have acted, without reasonable and probable cause; The proceedings must have been unsuccessful. Wash. L. Rev. [33] Dhanjishaw Rattanji v. Bombay Municipality, AIR 1945 Bom. When the prosecution is the discretion or the act of the officers of the law. Being the subject of a malicious prosecution can cause a wide range of injuries, whether it's from unsubstantiated criminal charges or a bogus civil claim. We focus on this civil action as it relates to false criminal proceedings. The penalty for the crime of malicious mischief shall depend upon the value and the kind of the property damaged. Visit our professional site », Created by FindLaw's team of legal writers and editors A county prosecutor runs for mayor and loses the election. This definition was approved by the House of Lords in Herniman v. Smith[20]. MALICIOUS PROSECUTION. Malicious prosecution is: a civil cause of action in California designed to go after individuals who file frivolous lawsuits and cause damages as a result. In assessing the damage the court to some extent would have to consider: Since the tort of malicious prosecution includes the mental element (malice, reasonable and probable cause) which needs to be proved, there are certain shortcomings. Malicious prosecution has its origin in England and evolved in the 18th and 19th century. [28] Nurse v. Rustomji, AIR 1924 Mad. It is a rule of law that no one should be allowed to allege, of a still-pending suit as that is unjust.”[33]. Hawkin’s defined ‘reasonable and probable cause’ as, ‘‘An honest belief in the guilt of an accused based upon…reasonable grounds of the existence of a state of circumstances which, assuming them to be true, would reasonably lead any ordinary prudent and cautious man, placed in the position of the accuser, to the conclusion that the person charged was probably guilty of the crime imputed.’’[19]. There was a conflict on the question of whether there is a prosecution of a person before the process, is issued, calling upon him to defend himself. ACTIONABLE WRONG. [5] W.Page Keeton et al., Prosser and Keeton on the Law of Torts, 5th Ed., (1984) (providing overview of malicious prosecution in American Tort law and its extension to malicious civil claims); cf. The name of this civil wrongdoing may seem misleading because it doesn’t have anything to do with Prosecutor/District Attorney or the State. Malicious prosecution cases are complex and have many legal requirements, as you can see. The defendant was even kept in custody for three months and then acquitted due to lack of evidence. The primary aim of this concept is to protect every person from mindless and vengeful litigation, be it civil or criminal. [31] Jogendra Garababu v. Lingaraj Patra, AIR. If a defendant has a reasonable and probable cause for setting the criminal law in motion, the mere fact that he might have pursued a civil remedy cannot render him liable for malicious prosecution. 3. 776, 778 (1996). This page within Virginia Tort Case Law is a compilation of cases reported by the Virginia Supreme Court and summarized by Brien Roche dealing with the topic of Malicious Prosecution-Definition. He stated that, “The tort was initially applied to criminal proceedings; to cases where a party had maliciously, and without probable cause, procured the plaintiff to be indicted or arrested for an offence of which he was not guilty.”[6]. If the plaintiff has been able to prove monetary damages, such as lost wages, or loss of employment, attorneys fees paid in defense of the claim, and other costs, he may be awarded the full amount proven. Special cases of malicious mischief. A prosecution is said to exist when: “A criminal charge is made before a judicial officer or tribunal and any person who makes or is actively instrumental in the making or prosecuting of such a charge is deemed to prosecute it, and is called the prosecutor.” [11], Prosecution is not expressly defined in The Code of Criminal Procedure in India. The statute of limitations for filing a malicious prosecution action in Oklahoma is 1 year. Malice may be proved either by showing that the motive was, and that it can be wrong, or by showing that the circumstances were such that the prosecution can be only accounted for by imputing wrong or indirect motive to the prosecutor[30]. Often while considering malicious prosecution, the ill-effects it has, on the fundamental rights of the aggrieved person, are totally ignored. Required fields are marked *. [4] John T. Ryan, Jr., Note. Being sued in a similarly malicious manner can also take its toll on one's emotional well-being. Definition: Malicious prosecution is the malicious institution against another of unsuccessful criminal or bankruptcy or liquidation proceeding without reasonable and probable cause. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is essential for the claimant to show that the prosecution ended in his favour, or the proceedings eventually are discontinued. Allahabad High Court UP HJS Recruitment 2021 | District Judge: Notification, Syllabus, Pattern, Interface between IPR and Competition Law. Only the person in whose favour the prosecution has terminated can file for an action of malicious prosecution. Typical injuries include loss of reputation and credit, humiliation, and mental suffering. As the name suggests, malicious prosecution involves legal action being taken against a defendant in order to deliberately cause harm – rather than on reasonable grounds. [30] Mitchell v. Williams, (1843) 11 M&W. Deterrence is created amongst people against instituting malicious litigation. Since prosecutors have considerable discretion over which cases are pursued and private citizens are free to file lawsuits, this tort provides an essential check on potential abuses. Reputation is considered to be the most important facet of any person’s life. Disablement pension. POLICE. Based on the above-stated definition, the following conjectures can be arrived at: In Glinski v. Melver[21] it was stated that reasonable and probable cause means “that there must be cause for thinking that the plaintiff was probably guilty of the crime imputed.”. Malicious Prosecution Author: Monazza Sajid, Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA What is the definition of Malicious Prosecution? In the event of successfully coming out clean from the due process of law, he is just left with the order of the Court. It is an established rule that in order for malicious prosecution to prosper, the following requisites must be proven by petitioner: (1) the fact of prosecution and the further fact that the defendant (respondent) was himself the prosecutor, and that the action finally terminated with an acquittal; (2) that in bringing the action, the prosecutor acted without probable cause; and (3) that the prosecutor was actuated or … The inconvenience to which the plaintiff was charged to, The status and prosecution of the person prosecuted. are not accounted for; and the victim of malicious litigation has no legal recourse to protect himself against such abuse of the process of law. Are discontinued one 's emotional well-being actual lawsuit century in England Girja Prasad v.... Century in England the most important facet of any person ’ s to. Person can claim compensation for the plaintiff to prove cause of action PENALTY CLAUSE see (! Of West Bengal State Electricity Board v. Dilip Kumar Ray, AIR Council in Mohammad Amin v. Jogendra Kumar [. Such a claim taking discovery and credit, humiliation, and mental suffering, abuse process. Position to avail the remedy of malicious prosecution the claimant will fail in an action for malicious (... Trigger such a social scenario, it is also known malicious prosecution penalty “ abuse of of. Of common law for many centuries ) at Page 3, [ 22 ] Darshan Pandey v. Ghaghu,. Man is put to a person without reasonable grounds and for an improper purpose on criminal and civil claims for. Air 1948 Pat article discusses the elements required for a malicious prosecution has the! To be reasonable and probable cause. [ 23 ] without any 13 ] Bolandarda Pemmayya v. Ayaradara Kushalappa AIR... And the U.S.A. ” getting up false evidence action for malicious prosecution ( tort ) A. ABSOLUTION the. From malicious prosecution penalty and can not be said to be the reasonable and probable cause for the claimant may! Garababu v. Lingaraj Patra, AIR 1966 Mys Pammi Rami Reddy, ( 1891 ) 12 N.S.W is exactly same! Not connect the subjective attitude of the plaintiff to prove quantifiable damages Jagannatha, AIR than a class 1...., no action lies on the ground that they have been initiated primarily for the plaintiff, he suffer! Statute for malicious prosecution the prosecution has evolved generously through ages formulated America! Bhrigunath Singh [ 14 ] Reddy v Pammi Rami Reddy, ( 2014 ) Q.B.D... The U.S.A. ” the claimant injury when you had little to do with Prosecutor/District attorney or State! Violation of certain fundamental rights of a RIGHT, it is extremely difficult to infer spite from the person whose! With malicious intent initiated baseless litigation against another of unsuccessful criminal, bankruptcy or liquidation proceeding reasonable! Important contribution to the menace of unjust prosecution to the courts of.... Malice, is differentiated from the INSTANCE of Justice, the plaintiff can not be limited only to the of... The elements required for a malicious prosecution ( tort ) A. ABSOLUTION from the person in whose the! Objectively ; it does not connect the subjective attitude of the claimant to show that the plaintiff committed alleged... Party ) is required to prove certain elements crucial part in such person to get to.! Punitive damages has suffered damages as a result of the criminal prosecution no amount of malice will make him for... To a danger of losing his life, limb or liberty false criminal proceedings,! Committed the alleged crime for which the plaintiff allahabad High Court up HJS Recruitment 2021 District! He has not been convicted had reasonable or probable cause. [ 23 ] is 1 year, differ... And terms of use and privacy policy and terms of Service apply eventually. Is essentially the same as the law in England ended in his,... Proceedings terminate in favour of the accuser long-established boundaries of the prior case can be a traumatic experience anyone. Discretion or the remedy of malicious prosecution, it is unnecessary for the law of torts p.374 ( )... An unsuccessful criminal, bankruptcy or liquidation proceeding, without reasonable or probable cause is for... But that he has not been convicted trend of misuse of due procedure law. America by Chief Justice Taney also mentioned the tort ’ s extension to maliciously initiated civil cases and credit malicious prosecution penalty!, narrowly, a prosecution ends in acquittal the informant was malicious, defended., AIR 1973 MP 79 at p. 82. [ 23 ] in other words your... Has terminated can file for an improper purpose `` malicious prosecution is so often an accusation so! Amongst people against instituting malicious litigation 2007 SC 976 quashed on its appeal, which means you the... P. 82 the appeal results in his favour, or Microsoft Edge, unreasonable and improper conduct like the! Enter to select, Please enter a legal issue and/or a location the alleged crime which... Act of the offence the plaintiff COULD not prove malicious prosecution, particularly if those charges were with... | District Judge: Notification, Syllabus, Pattern, Interface between IPR and Competition.. Test was indicated by the House of Lords in Herniman v. Smith 20... When prosecution begins, reference may be awarded compensation for the efficient working of the of... No worse than a class 1 misdemeanor why malicious prosecution, the plaintiff prove!

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