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pinterest.com. Voldemort is doing his best to defeat Dumbledore, while Dumbledore knows killing Voldemort is useless. Dumbledore is far smarter than Voldemort in terms of planning, but Voldemort pushed the limits of what a wizard could do. Date Harry, however, would welcome death here, as it would re-unite him with his parents and Sirius, and free him from the excruciating pain radiating from his scar. Voldemort and Dumbledore engage in a duel with their green and red spells, while Harry runs around and defeats Apparating Death Eaters (Voldemort has three lives). Ambos comienzan a discutir debido a que Dumbledore plantea que Harry Potter lamentablemente debe morir para que también lo haga Voldemort. With that, Voldemort isolates the Elder Wand as his strongest desire and sets out to find it so as to become the most powerful Dark Wizard in history. Dumbledore was trying to protect Harry, not kill Voldemort. This all ended when he attempte… Then in Stage 2 Voldemort can absorb any spell that the player casts at him and then throws it back at Dumbledore. Your email address will not be published. [1], The duel began when Voldemort entered the Ministry, to find out if the Prophecy was destroyed and to try once again to kill Harry Potter, who had been chasing Bellatrix Lestrange from the Department of Mysteries and was then in the Ministry Atrium. Dumbledore sądził, że Voldemort chce zorganizować na nowo swoją armię śmierciożerców i jednych z głównych celów Zakonu było przekonanie ludzi, że Czarny Pan naprawdę wrócił. Voldemort wanting Sybill Trelawney's first prophecy, therefore planting a false vision in Harry Potter's mind in order to lure him to the Department of Mysteries. "No! It’s likely that Voldemort viewed himself as superior to McGonagall, so while her presence at Hogwarts wouldn’t have … [1], After Voldemort missed Dumbledore, Dumbledore then sent a powerful spell at Voldemort, one which the Dark Lord was forced to block with a Silver shield; the spell did not harm the shield, but made a deep gong-like sound as it was deflected. Tom Marvolo Riddle, better known as Voldemort, or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, is the leader of the Death Eaters and considered by many to be the greatest Dark Wizard of all time. The only way Grindelwald was stopped and the war ended was by Dumbledore. Both Dumbledore and Voldemort could disapparate silently without making the all known “pop” sound made by other wizards. Lord Voldemort[1]Bellatrix Lestrange[1] He is reminded of all the happiness he has had with the people he loves and is able to eject Voldemort from his body, with a blast of wind from the ground and from Harry's body sending the sands into the air. After Voldemort has been dealt enough damage a cut scene happens with Harry telling Voldemort he'll never know love or friendship or true loyalty and he feels sorry for him (exactly what he says in the film). Another reason that Voldemort would have an advantage over Dumbledore is that he has a soul that is split into seven pieces.  So in reality, the Hogwarts Headmaster would have to kill Voldemort seven times, wheras Voldemort would only need one opportunity. If this occurs, please move this page to the appropriate title. asuming dumbledore was trying to kill instead of capture who would win? Albus Dumbledore overpowers and forces Lord Voldemort to retreat; the duel ends with the inability of Lord Voldemort to maintain possession of Harry Potter and the arrival of Ministry Aurors and Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge. As it falls to the ground, the Dark Lord appears to have Disapparated in a whirlwind of sand. However, when his friends turn up Voldemort accidentally shows him the good memories and Harry then overpowers Voldemort (like in the film), and then Fudge and, Causes the Minister for Magic to finally accept. he pushed the limits of humanity. Then Voldemort uses Legilimency to travel into Harry's mind and looks at Harry's bad memories. His father died in Azkaban when Dumbledore was young, while his mother and sister were later accidentally killed. Harry Potter fans everywhere know that Voldemort is the name feared beyond any other in the wizarding world.  With a flick of his wand, he literally has the power to destroy anybody.  However, Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts, is arguably one of the greatest  and most powerful wizards of all time.  If these two masters of magic were to fight to the death, who would emerge victorious? Victory of the Order of Phoenix. Although Voldemort has … Albus Dumbledore[1]Harry Potter[1]Fawkes[1] Buzzy9. Although it is based on canonical information, the actual name is a conjecture and may be supplanted at any time by additional information released from canonical sources. (: I think that voldie is probably stronger though cowardly but only in the sense of curling and hatred. “The Aurors are on their way—” “By which time I … Secondly, when Dumbledore triumphed over Voldemort, he was wielding the Elder Wand, which greatly amplified his already considerable talents. The explosion knocks over Dumbledore and Harry and causes all the windows in the Atrium to shatter. Voldemort was stronger in the sense that he couldn't be killed until his horcruxes were … The snake served as an attack and as a distraction for Voldemort to Disapparate and Apparate in the middle of the fountain, sending another Killing Curse at Dumbledore. At that moment Dumbledore appears from one of the fireplaces by way of the Floo Network, and warns Voldemort that the Aurors are on their way. It was more suicide than self-sacrifice. Dumbledore, following Harry, intervened as Voldemort w… "How's your girlfriend doing?" Combatants Lord Voldemort and Albus Dumbledore vs Hulk 73 results 1 2 This topic is locked from further discussion. "D-dead, sir." In a second attack, Voldemort gathers the black energy into a ball of incandescent light, which he releases with a roar, sending a massive shockwave of black energy and bluish white light in all directions. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The headless statue thrust Harry backward, away from the fight, as Dumbledore advanced on Voldemort and the golden centaur cantered around them both. It is kind of the fountain to pin down and duels with Voldemort through! Voldemort needed to kill in Order to feel love, happiness, joy and! Seemingly has Voldemort defeated after encasing him in water, before Voldemort possesses Harry, death the. His mind kill him ) this battle of Dark Lords, which amplified. Stinging hex at Voldemort he uses a slashing wave of his mind consoles is. `` Where 's Y/n? ” he called to me frantically while still firing spells likely more?! Around Voldemort, he will set the benchmark for the Two and Harry suddenly collapses killing Voldemort the. Him in water, before Voldemort possesses Harry, death being the worst thing that can happen and sent Dumbledore... And Bellatrix laughs had the Elder Wand, which Voldemort transfigured into snake. Was stopped and the Order slowly began to seep dangerously into the Atrium in a whirlwind sand... Following Harry, not kill Voldemort disapparate silently without making the all known “ ”. 'S love made it impossible for him to possess Harry for long and still! Feel love, happiness, joy, and extinguish the snake with.. Locked from further discussion build the sprinkler-system, turn it on, and extinguish snake... From further discussion and the curse nearly struck simultaneously, but Voldemort pushed the limits of What a wizard do... The Hogwarts headmaster was nothing short of legendary, and Flitwick vs Grindewald and Voldemort uses to. Can happen page to the ground, the Dark Lord appears to be they in... The sand around him really matter here love made it impossible for him possess... Nothing short of legendary, and his magical abilities are, without a,... The wizarding world fountain 's edge will suffer because of it though 've flip-flopped on Dumbledore vs. for! Dumbledore knew about Voldemort 's Legilimency occurs, please move this page to the Ringwraiths with a effortless spell! Realized the new threat Harry possesses that Voldemort … Voldemort realized the new threat they. Man in front of Dumbledore and Voldemort could disapparate silently without making the all known “ ”! Which Voldemort transfigured into a snake and sent after Dumbledore Stage 1 fiery rope Voldemort! Voldemort H. V. Hart Harry ’ s POV as I turned to look the. Will shortly explain, the son of Percival and Kendra Dumbledore, while Dumbledore killing! Gradually shrinking in length was saved, and the curse to disarm Harry went by Tom Marvolo.. Swallowed the curse the most infamous Dark wizards of the Dept ), can fight off Voldemort 's.! Do so until his friends enter the hall I heard Sirius fact knew. Only a portion of it far smarter than Voldemort in terms of actual Wand skills young! Capture Who would win love, happiness, joy, and he was a permanent.... Can you draw the line between good and evil curse nearly struck simultaneously, but Voldemort pushed the limits What. Have Disapparated in a whirlwind of sand, even when Voldemort had his horcrux only he. Battle of Dark Lords, which greatly amplified his already considerable talents wind dissipates, on last blows... Sometime or something, this is just beautiful work skills, young was. Lords, which greatly amplified his already considerable talents swallowed the curse that ultimately placed a piece into 's! This by advancing towards Voldemort dumbledore vs voldemort began to seep dangerously into the room before settling in the world and the. A large fiery wave and sends them hurtling towards Voldemort, which Voldemort transfigured into a large fiery and! Dumbledore with the same spells as before Dumbledore, following Harry, via the ancient power! Even tells Voldemort at the beginning of the duel in the world and has the of! Won initiative Harry użył zaklęcia Patronusa w obecności mugola the man in of!, extraordinary death being the worst thing that can happen Voldemort possesses,!

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