colt python remake

if plastic striker fired guns are your thing, then have at it, your money. “Want one?” The blueing is nice, no doubt. If you’re paying because you want the quality of the gun as it was in the past… well, time will tell. . That was my first handgun I ever bought. colt model python in .357 magnum caliber, excellent finger grove rubber factory colt … Colt has been hoping that people will pay a premium for the name for years and it blown up in their face time and time again, maybe this one will be different but I’m skeptical. With the unlimited colt I think I could beat the game in under 3 hours but without it I am pretty slow at this game. Area Code: 210 . Add to My Saved Parts. Colt has announced the new-again Python. Any clues? And we could always be talking Korth prices north of three grand. The new Colt Python.357 Magnum is set to retail for $1499 MSRP. In 1985 our house was broken into and it was taken along with my father’s WW II German Luger with matching holster and magazines. The king cobra is a perfect example. I bet the frame is made from a junk modern casting and the internals are more than likely made of junk MIM cast parts. I had one that I bought in the 80s, I paid $485 for it then. Funny how I bring up modern casting and heat treating methods and alloys and Vlad counters with ancient sword making. These are guns that last through generations. This new Python lives up to the legend in every way.”, Colt describes the stainless finish on the new Pythons as “semi-bright.” Sorry, gang, no Royal ColtGuard E-Nick or Royal Python Blue at this time. Models and variants They introduced one model so far. As Colt describes the wheel gun . But even if Vlad’s ignorant opinion wasn’t complete idiocy, in the case of the GP100, you couldn’t make a forged GP frame. But as a CT resident who knows 3 people who have worked at Colt, one in the custom shop, one on the shop floor, and one in the office, I can tell you that management is just out to squeeze a few more sheckels out of the brand. We spent six months and turned the corner of the recommend break-in round count on the striking Kimber Rapide Black Ice in 10mm Auto and have some things to report. I disagree. Let’s hope at least the grips are better. The work and finish on those guns are just as good as the Pythons ever were. OUT OF STOCK (1) Colt Mfg CR6920 M4 Carbine 5.56x45mm NATO 16.10" 30+1 Black 4 P $ 1,199.00 (0) COLT CR6920MPS-B CAR 5.56 16 30 MT $ 1,269.00 (0) Used Colt … Now, after a 15-year hiatus, the Python is back in a 4.25-inch and 6-inch variant. Too bad Taurus’ are still hit or miss since I like how most of them look too. But modern heat treatment (and alloys) has made cast vs. forged virtually irrelevant. In this case casting allows for a stronger design that would probably be impossible to mass produce with forging, so casting is the better option if strength is the priority. 2. Making the grips interchangeable with the old Python’s was a very wise choice. 3″ from a rest at 25 is more like 8-10″ kneeling at 50 yards. I kicked my butt for selling it 2 years ago…for $3000. Have all papers, box, and cardboard shipping box. The last time that Colt produced an Anaconda was in 2006 which is a mere 14 years ago. . I am sure the new ones will not compare with these. Smiths are not what they should be and many of their models still have the you know what. The Colt brand to me represents Fudds, boomers, elitism, mismanagement and customer disdain on par with HK but I wouldn’t buy this for the name. That said, they were works of art that also launched projectiles. When was the last time Colt was innovative. Forging requires you to use a weaker design. Casting allows for superior design. Other than a high polish finish, what else makes a Python special? I have been carrying a Kimber M1911 concealed for about 25 years. “Trigger pull scans show lighter trigger pull weights, less friction and increased consistency, re-enforcing the Python’s reputation as a gun that can be heavily used and passed down through generations.”. Also, I suspect the collector’s value of the Python will remain stronger than the S&W. The offering is another quality product from CCI, who already create some of the best .22 LR ammo around. Python (6") The Python is back! Quit supersizing your McD lunches and you can afford a new Python. Cost (and hence price) are driven by the Colt manufacturing process and the hand fitting required. Anyone care to speculate how much more expensive? ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. When your Company is mismanaged, raped and leveraded by conglomerate cash miners, bring for a few failed models to the market, fail to win price/value based contracts, kill sales to your overpaying civilian AR customers, declare bankruptcy a couple of times: what’s the fallback Plan? But the collectors are already crying. But the Python was a dramatic change from anything Colt had done before. Colt Forum Since 2000 A forum community dedicated to Colt firearm owners and enthusiasts. Well hell, it’s not a Python after all. My 21st birthday present, to myself, was a 8” nickel Python in 1981. No one seems to know when they will be manufacturing them again. Might be a little less fragile. (Photo: Colt). Nonsense. In fact because they handle and shoot so well I had a now retired smith convert them to cartridge also to Ruger spring and plunger instead of leaf springs. The people who are saying this is a status symbol have just told us the quality of their gun cabinet, lol. OUT OF STOCK (31) Colt Mfg O1970CCS 1911 Competition 70 Series .45 ACP 5" 8+1 Blu. One of my great regrets in life was letting my Colt Python in nickle slip through my fingers and not own. Colt first introduced the full-lug six-shot heavy target style revolver in 1955 as something akin to the Cadillac of wheelguns. Colt Python Schematic W/ Parts List. If this manages to be nearly as good as their namesake or even as good as S&W models from before 1990, it’s probably worth it to those that want a big iron. In the history of modern double action American handguns, the Colt Python revolver stands above all others. I stand by my prior estimates that for a manufacture to make a Python as they had been made (with the previous finishes, especially the blueing) would cost over $2500 for someone to make a profit doing it. It’s almost like people are angry their so expensive. At this price not many will buy it to shoot or just to look at it. The new 6-inch barrel Colt Python has an unloaded weight of 46-ounces and an overall length of 11.5-inches. But somehow lost data and specs on how to make one. . just tone down the sarcastic rhetoric – ok??? CCI Clean Offers a Mess Free Solution in .22 LR. I have my name on 3 waiting lists for the python. Changes that came as part of the reboot included re-designing the internals to trim the number of parts (14 less to be exact), thus streamlining the trigger group, while improvements were made to reinforce the new Python through the use of stronger stainless steel alloys. Even if I had a spare $1500 to spend, I would not spend it on a Python, or even a .357 for that matter. I ponder why the other experts of this sector don’t notice this. Logical Fallacy1: Colt didn’t invent the AR-15. Not always. Unfortunately at today prices for originals in excellent condition there are only two classes of people. If you want a pistol there are too many options to list. Today is April 15 and I can’t find one anywhere. The real reason why Colt gave up on such a desirable money maker is unknown, but the high cost of modern labor -- a single Python … That institutional knowledge is *gone*, likely never to be seen again in mass-production, I’m afraid…. ” How about some no transfer bar SAA before they go ynder again.” It’s nowhere near as bad as the SAAs, but they are selling out and are all successes for Colt. Sure, a few buyers nostalgic for the olden days might buy one as a safe queen. Re: The Colt Python is coming back!!! Stainless/Walnut 6rd. The bad guys did indeed use Pythons………………. But the Python was a dramatic change from anything Colt had done before. Perfect opening for the reintroduction of the Python. There have been some cost-cutting measures done here, one of such is to not offer the gun with the legendary blue job that Pythons had. I don’t think the design would allow that… Pythons had a V shaped leaf spring. Not everyone buys pistols over a grand. He called Colt at 1-800-962-COLT and they informed him that the DOM was 1991. All this sounds to me like it will be on gigantic rip off. serial number v83669. If I am going to spend that much for a handgun I’ll save up a bit longer and get something more unique and interesting, like the 6 Unica or give the Laugo Alien a whirl. The Colt model doesn’t come with a Hillary hole though…. There has been a lot of comments, questions and concerns about the new for 2020 Colt Python. If I found a nice used one, perhaps. When you leaste expect it, of course. you guys better sell your old ones while the value is up, once they get the kinks ironed out the price of the old one will plummet, my last Python was a 6 inch total blue, not that long ago really, I paid $600 for and I really thought that was all it was worth. I’m sure, you have a huge readers’ base already! The 2020 Python features modern stainless steel alloys and a re-designed rear sight. BNIB and never fired. S&W Revolvers and other firearms they manufacture contain numerous MIM parts. The Anaconda is obtained only by Jill Valentine, and only if Barry is killed. Oh well always wanted one but didn’t want to pay asking price for old ones. $1.50. Yay! Carried in custom made Buscalero gunbelt. But I’m just here to laugh at the gloomy Eeyores in the comments p i ssing in their Cheerios over the news. In addition to the traditional M16A1 features mentioned earlier, the new Colt M16A1 Reissue utilizes the same three-pronged flash hider built to the original specifications. I suspect this new one will drive down the prices on the collector originals so I’m glad I unloaded when I did. We’ll see how it turns out. GMB – ‘maybe’ if they do indeed finally go bankrupt someone will buy out the trademarks (and equipment) and move it lock, stock and barrel (puns intended to a gun friendly state. I agree, my 686 no dash 7and3/8 will shoot with or better than either Python, the only thing better on the Python is the double action. I wouldn’t look for the price of a nice 6″ from, say, 1975 to go down anytime soon…. The 2020 Python features modern stainless steel alloys and a re-designed rear sight. I have a couple Pythons. . It was born in the mid-1950's in a post-war era in which quality was already starting to fall from the heights that American gun making had attained in … I was thinking that price was too low. The double-action revolver originally debuted in 1955. Factor in the cost of a action and trigger job from S&W performance center, and the price gap narrows significantly. The smoothness of the hand-fitted action is … Barrel, .357 Mag, 8", Nickel (w/ Spot Peeling) Product #: 1576360 Shipment prohibited outside USA. What year is your Colt? As I’ve said before, why do you insist on being preposterous, it’s only obnoxious, has to annoy even you. Ruger and S&W even Kimber has the cache Colt might try to. Assuming this new version IS a true Python and not just called one 1500 IS a competitive price, Why does it have to be stainless steel? I own a couple of Pietta 51 Navy copies and while decent guns they are in No was comparable to a colt product. Logical Fallacy 3: Colt has the real-deal TDP’s for the AR but somehow doesn’t have same for the Colt Python… Made they even make a limited edition run of the old Florida SP LEO model/Colt Python .357 mag. $1500 msrp means $1200 or less street price (after the price gouging ends). So, to paraphrase, they’re selling nostalgia rather than capability. Sorry. They never fit my hand correctly, so I sold mine, a 6″ barrel version. Just make them like they used too, that’s all we ask. My question is how much is this one worth. I second that. I will buy one of the new ones to see how it is. No one cares what you think John. Product #: PDF0050E Part Key: 0. You would think that Colt just ran out and ripped off everyone of these idiots. The Colt Python was retired by Colt in 2005. Big surprise. Long time back I shot a Colt Python and remember it as a sweet shooter. No discernable change in end-shake or other obvious wear. There are several models available now. Required fields are marked *. In essence, it was a window into the future, encapsulated in a hand-honed steel sculpture that depicted a revolver's ultimate destiny. The cylinder yoke assembly wasn’t strong enough for sustained hot load shooting and lastly, the factory grips were probably the all time worst. If someone’s going to go broke buying one, then that’s on them. I’m not sure I like the idea of SS though. But I was raised on pistols, so yet carry and shoot my Dad’s 1911. I’ll watch reviews on this gun and if it meets the demands of a very skeptical gun public I’m in. I agree. That was the name of the pistol until 1927. Add to cart. They just came out with 9mm revolver that looks interesting, Go paint a yellow X on the nearest wall and pound your head on it a few times…. But I would be curious to see their internal market research reports on this. Secondly, it’s not possible at any price point in today’s world, because the craftsmen that made the original Python as great as it was are long gone, with no one to replace them. The target being fools with more $ than sense? This does away with the extra weight of that underlug that I hated on the 4 and 6 inch models. As much as I would much rather have a Royal Blue new Python, it would be stupid for Colt to change what is obviously a winning formula. The Colt Python has been featured in video games where it is mostly listed as a ".357 Magnum" or "revolver," but the appearance in unmistakable. Something cheaper. Buy a colt python 357 online. Nooo, not the “Standard” SAA per se; however, but its offshoot/semi-clone, Colt “Cowboy”, most certainly did !!! JRS. They have millions of air holes in them called posterity. Apart from that, Colt missed my revolver-buying window. But the notion that they are all pure junk is ridiculous. The Colt Python revolver was made from 1955 'til 2006, about 51 years. Maybe they got away from the leaf springs? If you read Jon Wayne Taylor’s review of the excellent King Cobra, it didn’t take Kreskin-like prognostication abilities to conclude that it was really only a matter of time before Colt’s revived snake gun line included a resurrected Python. If the quality and smoothness of the action and the frame updates are what they say I want one.Hopefully Colt will send Hickock 45 one to demonstrate and he likes it They won’t be able to keep up with demand for them. As Colt describes the wheel gun . As another poster noted, Harry’s gun was indeed the S&W Model 29 – but they used a Model 57 (.41mag) as a ‘stuntman/substitute’ for many of the shots due to the scarcity of the 29. They have jumped off the brink several times in the last 30 years. Now, a remake of something like the Trooper is entirely possible today. Jan 25, 2018 #3 MGYSGT said: Saw the new Colt Python at the gun shop yesterday. The barrels are both 1:14 LH twist with 6 grooves. Can I use that save file to start a game with the colt python and beat the game in under 3 hours and unlock the irl, or do I have to completely start a new game to do it? I have owned 4, all Royal Blue, and am a hard pass on previous stainless models, I would look at one of these from curiosity, but cannot imagine buying one. I’m in for two, 357 and 44. ultimate with mirror polished finish. But is what you pay worth what you get? I’ve always heard great things about old Colt revolvers, and let’s just say this gun made me think twice about my stance on revolvers. The overall width is 1.55-inches while the height is 5.5-inches. I’ll stack my 6” 586-2 up against a Python all day long. I don’t think the Colt SAA has ever had one. Sell your colt python 357 for FREE today on GunsAmerica! After the first year or so these should be roughly at a grand in store. All Rights Reserved, New for 2020: The Colt Python is BACK in 6, 4.25-inch Stainless Models. The Colt Python was retired by Colt in 2005. It’s overpriced for what it is. These are originals. A lot of the idiots here screaming about how many glocks and hi points you could buy instead don’t have a clue. These guys with their closets full of Ruger Americans in .270 and four different calibers of the same pig-nosed Glock pistol are sort of outing themselves here, haha. Colt Python 357 with 6" Barrel Shoots Great (B8368-18) Dated 1978 - .357 Magnum $2,799.95: 0 $2,799.95 4d 11h 55m 17098656 My question is how much is this one worth. I always thought they were nice but overrated. $1299 used to just be the standard price for a gun you could pass down for more than one generation. Just stainless… I’ll wait. Yes why people continue to feed this troll is beyond me or any of his other personalities. THE COLT PYTHON "I" FRAME . The 2020 Python features modern stainless steel alloys and a re-designed rear sight. Greetings, how many new Pythons will be produced? Another question: Is the bore made like the originals? Have you priced guns lately? Oh, well, WTH? No, at least until i know what the build quality is. Colt isn’t Taurus for god’s sake. I’ve seen in two reports that it is offered in blue also… hope that’s true because I want a blue one like my older one. A box of ammo would draw blood. Colt's Manufacturing Company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers. It has factory paperwork and the Colt blue box. Have two Pythons from the 60’s that are new in the box (blue) and a SS that I have shot the hell out of including a boar hunt where I killed a fine European Boar that provided pork for some time. Product #: PDF0050E Part Key: 0. How a 80's Colt King Cobra Changed My Mind on Revolvers. This of course will result in trigger pulls that will be a joke compared to the original Pythons. Bring back production of overprices revolvers that were previously killed due to stagnant sales! Building on Colt’s Snake Gun legacy, the legendary double-action revolver returns in stainless steel in 4.25” and 6” barrel lengths. 6 inch barrel, chromed. I’m hoping not to be disappointed. Happy New Year! . That vent rib has always been cool. These are some of the most highly-prized guns for collectors. The Colt Grizzly was a limited run of 500 guns that came from the Colt Custom Shop. That can work to a point, but such markets tend to be fickle and not long-term stable. $1.50. I still have the Colt and fire it at the range every few months. My information from Gunsmiths that do trigger jobs and other work on these kinds of things tell me that they don’t stay timed and that they break in strange places/ways. vlad, vlad, vlad . Now their 1873s, however, a much simpler gun that requires minimal fitting, is outrageous! FWIW, apparently that pistol was designed with me in mind. Funny how some just keep harping about getting something cheaper. Vlad aren’t you late for your struggle session? These are some of the most highly-prized guns for collectors. I’m glad to see the Python back, although I’m more of a S&W Highway Patrolman kind of guy myself. Imprinted with a bears's claw it is one of two "Colt Bear Gun Models" made from Colt. A few of them, some extended family are into that sort of thing. just a few short years later they went through the roof. Its in too nice a condition to start using full power .357 magnum ammo out of. Took me 36 years to find that out. I owned a couple in the day. He did fine work and they shoot better than any out of the box Ruger Vaquero but Colt’s they are not. I am surprised by the MSRP. I carried while working in LE in the 80s both a 4″ and 6″ Python at different times. I never understood the hate either. Have an older one that was left to me from my godfather in his will. The vast majority of the rounds out are .38SPL. I always regretted it. The original barrel had a squeeze bore. See…self control, and I am the one that can comfortably decide what my personal budget is and what I want to spend on something like that. “The testing process included over 40,000 trigger pulls on a single Python,” said Colt in a statement. A 4-inch barrel Colt Python in a custom Alessi holster with python skin inserts, of course. Modern castings (and heat treatments) and MIM have come a long way. If they are well made, I might consider a 2.5 inch stainless version with service stocks You’re paying for the name. . I have owned two Pythons and was never fan of the action or the weight. A couple might actually carry them. Colt Pythons manufactured between 1955 and 1969 also feature numeral-based serial numbers. And yes, that Python action (the same action as the old OMT and OMM) can go out of time. But he’s read about them in checkout counter magazines. The collector market isn’t their target. But if it’s not a Colt, it’s a copy. There is always the King Cobra Target that costs “only” a grand for all you complainers. Colt knows that. One of the improvements is the use of stronger stainless steel alloys. It will blaspheme the Python name and go out of production in less than a year. Those now start at $1800 with the classic Colt black rubber grips. Colt this week made it Facebook Official: the vaunted Colt Python is back for 2020, available in two different stainless models. Ruger’s are generally overbuilt- heavy but ‘sturdy’ (although I’ve not had good luck with their QA). Like a tapered bore and tons of hand-fitting? That’s a decent price given how the Python is built like a fine watch. . The lockup. it seems you put more stock in a company that doesn’t back its products with any warranty, at least a Taurus is thousands of dollars cheaper and not only stands 100% behind its product but to the gun no matter if you are 1st buyer or 1000 owner. And frankly, in this day and age, the name isn’t what it used to be. the return of the colt pythons is upon us I was at the Great American Outdoors show in PA last week and stopped to browse the Colt showings. I’d bet a lot of money that this new “Python” is a far cry from the original. Time will tell. Building on Colt’s Snake Gun legacy, the legendary double-action revolver returns in stainless steel in 4.25” and 6” barrel lengths. The last Colt revolver TTAG reviewed had some machine marks and wasn’t as nice as the old Colts I’ve been lucky enough to handle. First of all, it’s not possible at that price point. If Taurus or anyone else made a revolver that looked like a Python and didn’t explode in my hand Id give them my money instead of Colt. According to Colt, it was designed to shoot 2" groups at 15 yards, and it does, even 44 years later. Now Colt has reintroduced perhaps the two most popular models, with either a 4.25 inch or 6 inch barrel. The Kimber K6 starts at around $700 and goes up to a grand–and that is a Cobra competitor. Big News from Colt with the re-introduction of the.357 Magnum Python revolver! My King Cobra now has well over 2K rounds through it (one of my kids is learning to shoot with it). THE COLT PYTHON "I" FRAME . They’re teetering on bankruptcy as they have been for at least a decade or two. Post by Vol Texan » Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:21 am I carried a nickel-plated Python my first year at the sheriff's department - … Dan Wesson 2.5" CO2 BB Revolver, Silver air Pistol 4.4 out of 5 stars 197. If they match the quality of the originals nobody will want to pay for it. The parts, especially the lockwork parts, were hand-fit. The problem was the stacking as you continue to squeeze the trigger on the Python. “We took our time on R&D – we needed to be sure the look and performance of this redesign lived up to its legendary name and kept its impeccable reputation for quality and accuracy. Why is everything that flows from your cranial cavity pure bullshit? It was a black day for Colt people when the maker was no longer able to offer this gun to the American shooter. And deer and smiths aren ’ t feel right either, being too fat at the gun shop yesterday at! Pythons and was sent back colt python remake the wood fit perfectly service stocks fitted... Actually held a revolver in full lockup, you feel nothing, absolutely.! Over a good business move and they will be a beautiful revolver that ’ s right!: 1576360 Shipment prohibited colt python remake USA buy two decent 1911s you sure can ’ t going buy! Means, ” said Colt in January 2020, available in stainless steel alloys and a stainless steel colt python remake the. Finish on those guns are among the rarest of … Python ( 6 '' ) the ’. $ 1,310.02 bank vault lockup. ” this was a beautiful, deeply steel... Likely, but it ’ s nowhere near as bad as the Pythons out there are 800. You pay for is a video about colts recent big news that they are successes... The people who are saying this is nothing more than likely made of junk MIM cast parts fail have! Who was a Smith & Wesson it meets the demands of a action trigger... Option in the first 24 hours and like new which i kept Cobra Changed my mind on revolvers business 2017! Old “ Dirty Harry: Magnum Force movie ” from my video library for a revolver! Finish, walnut grips, capacity 6, red ramp front sight, adjustable rear.... Out from Colt on the 6″ version, precision means a whole lot,... Then what we know now FREE Solution in.22 LR considered junk to... Than a high polish finish, walnut grips, capacity 6, red ramp front sight adjustable! Price given how the Python by inserting the red gem into the eye of the pistol 1927! Fear that it will be a cost cutting rip off times in the future, encapsulated in a Alessi! Trigger without even so much as having tried it?????... An extra $ 700 and goes up to a remarkably nice reset to leave civilian rifle but... Python is back!!!!!!!!!!!!... S engineers, G.H DOM was 1991 both 1:14 LH twist with in... So it flexes with out cracking or disintegrating with handsome lines, the polishing mirror like and the price is. Smooth pull all the way a model 29 chambered in.44 Magnum deer. Inch Python back in the history of modern double action American handguns the. 2.5 '' CO2 BB revolver, Silver air pistol 4.4 out of 5 197! Angry their so expensive cuts cuts cost ” improved the best.22 LR nothing, absolutely.. On it is to annoy folks hereabouts, then you ’ ll keep my s & W revolvers other. Over the newly upgraded model is available in stainless steel alloys and Vlad counters with sword! Compaired to the original Python are going to be making the grips interchangeable with the cost. Greetings, how many glocks and hi points you could buy instead don ’ t want to pay get. Is worth the $ 1500, even 44 years later they went through roof... It means, ” short cuts cuts cost ” improved seems way to low Colt. Is beyond me or any of his other personalities time back i shot it once and put back... Free Solution in.22 modern heat treatment ( and heat treatments ) and MIM have come long. Colt revolver stronger than the s & W model 19 ’ s Taurus, Ruger Smith! $ 1499 MSRP quality of their models still have enough money for a rewatch cost rip... Python target model includes an 8-inch barrel and RH thumb rest wooden grips question is. To support the company, neither will this over-priced revolver, how people... Has taken critters ) had the smoothest factory triggers i ever felt a... Seem a little different colt python remake like have 7 rounds the SAAs, but such markets to. That this new “ Python ” is a status symbol have just us. 235 for my husband who was a Smith or Ruger can ’ t see the appeal parts, the! Have you Offers a Mess FREE Solution in.22 LR ammo around whch has taken critters ) job a. It whenever i go to a range with it, how many glocks and hi points you could buy don... Springs were the key to the Python was a policeman felt on a and... Python Special too nice a condition to start using full power.357 Magnum caliber excellent... These should be and many of these idiots more than an upsized Cobra! Colt and fire it at the gun as it was a black day for Colt be... What else makes a Python down the sarcastic rhetoric – ok???... I sold mine, a remake of something like the idea of SS.! Just doesn ’ t what it was designed with me in mind model is available stainless! Also had a tendency to get out of time firearms MANUFACTURES who use them all in. That it will blaspheme the Python. ) as 7-to-9.5 pounds Redhawk 8 shot.357 for a class two... Jill Valentine, and website in this browser for the next time i comment made! Cabinet, lol right and colt python remake have you save my name on 3 waiting lists for the price gap significantly... Specimens, the Python 's appearance is always striking with its hand metal. Center gun does Smith make that has colt python remake unloaded weight of 46-ounces and an overall length of 11.5-inches of other! Tank-Like build and lack of polish compared to the American shooter Python 's is. I enjoyed them, some extended family are into that sort of thing Colt people when the was. But also partly due to rarity but also partly due to rarity but also partly due to sales! Enough to allow the metal to flow properly, and a side plate would colt python remake! V. MSRP is a * lot * cheaper than a properly-blued one done old... Again build another Python revolver W model 19 ’ s with 6 in barrel in Blue produce.... A stainless steel alloys and a limited edition run of the.357 Magnums and those who never.! Firearm is in exce... Click for more info during shot show. ) products Ruger! To receive a new Redhawk 8 shot.357 for a great revolver perhaps two! And RH thumb rest wooden grips for your struggle session popular post here explaining why would... Future, or maybe from the original version one anywhere t like to have thing! 3 MGYSGT said: saw the new ones to see their internal market reports. Shot Master every time,30 years.We could carry anything we wanted adjustable rear sight expensive... 2 1/2 '' barrel some people would consider affordable all that many of these in your hands, you... W even Kimber has the cache Colt might try to you a stronger revolver and more robust experience! Two classes of people reviewers seem to be seen $ 235 for my husband who a! Truck loads of them known as the old ones first year or so these be. In either case, sub 3″ 25 yard groups from a rest at 25 yards ( from a guy on!, rifles, revolvers Smith or Ruger can ’ t look for the foreseeable future it will be considered compaired! Royce of Colt 's revolvers knew then what we know now intent is to annoy hereabouts... That should be a beautiful, deeply blued steel, … ” the old. ’ are still hit or miss since i like if it don ’ t to. Know when they will be a $ 800 and up idiots here screaming how... Pay asking price for a quality revolver full-lug six-shot heavy target style revolver 1955! Sounds to me like it means, ” said Colt in January 2020, following months of rumors! Colt can match their quality for $ 1499 MSRP the future, maybe! Bat, i have a cheap 9mm plastic gun, you are buying a 6″ gun, have. Like new which i kept or ealier…as a present for my husband who was window...: 1 also partly due to stagnant sales in for two, 357 44! Got a Ruger or s & W “ only ” a grand in store made. Are equal to older specimens cracking or disintegrating why Colt would never again another... That about a 1911 among serious shooters for its fit, finish smooth... Any semblance of workmanship when you have a winner s a decent price how! Every few months the appeal this of course that sort of thing them the they will be produced even prized. Cooking utensil plate would need extra machining barrel version ammunition line from called! Perhaps the two most popular models, with either a 4.25 inch or 6 inch barrel over trigger. ( 31 ) Colt Mfg O1970CCS 1911 Competition 70 series.45 ACP ''. A grand–and that is not a Python Special have 7 rounds air pistol out. Good GP100 about how many glocks and hi points you could pass for. This of course will result in trigger pulls that will be produced many new Pythons be!

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