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They had quite a shelf of coffee in Aldi, so we went for them. 0. I was spending $35/kg for decent coffee beans for our Rancilio Silvia and Breville smart grinder. Search for Cheap Coffee Beans - Anyone tried Lazzio from Aldi? Aldi's 'fresh roasted' Lazzio coffee beans -1kg - Not bad 20 August 2015, 02:18 PM Just a heads up to CSers who doesn't have time to roast or just love cheap stuff - I noticed about 2 weeks ago Aldi started carrying some fresh roasted beans. I have been using packets of ground coffee for some years and untill using Lazzio grounded coffee, never had a problem with the espresso machine flowing freely. At £1.99 a pack you can't expect to be blown away - … In Aldi, sales of its coffee brand Lazzio spike by more than 50 per cent during a seven week period across March and April. Best "K-Cup" Style Coffee: SimplyNature Organic Medium Roast (Cups-Keurig Compatible): Fair Trade Certified and USDA Organic, this one is our choice for our Keurig machine. ShortyX on 20/08/2017 - 23:13 Last edited 21/08/2017 - 06:57. Aldi Mum Review. English (US) Español; Français (France) 中文(简体) العربية; Português (Brasil) Because hey, who doesn't like saving money? ALDI's Lazzio Medium Roast Ground Coffee (pictured) has taken out the top spot in the Golden Bean Competition Lance Brown, General Manager at … Republica Organic Signature Blend (Coffee): 3.6 out of 5 stars from 7 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site Have you tried Lazzio Dark Roast Ground Coffee? 2. 3. It's a steal of a deal for cups at $4.99/12 or $.42 per cup. Buying anything from one of the discount supermarkets like Aldi always seems like a gamble - even though they seem to consistently come out top in blind taste tests. ALDI started offering Fair Trade Certified™ coffee in 2012 and has grown its portfolio to offer 23 Fair Trade Certified coffee options. I picked up a 12oz bag of the single origin Peru … Yesterday, on my usual weekly shopping trip to the big A, I spotted something new in the coffee section. I know canned food isn’t always ideal, but for pantry storage items like beans, tomato sauce, and other … I was happy that ALDI rolled out an affordable and quality cup-based coffee. Aldi Food Review: Lazzio Mezzo Medium Roast Coffee Beans. #Aldi Aldi Lazzio Medium Roast coffee beans Mrs T’s Rating 3/5 Comment: Good Buy again: Maybe Equipment Rancilio Silvia V5 M Grinder Sunbeam EM0440 Cup 300ml Avanti Milk Jug 600ml Coffee Bean – Aldi Lazzio Medium Roast 14.5g Milk – A2 light 230g I'm also a huge fan of Aldi. ALDI’s selection has the same specialty options you’d find in name brands, including crushed tomatoes with garlic and oregano, low sodium, and organic options. I wanted to save some costs so went in search of some cheaper beans. Aldi is now carrying organic, whole bean coffee. More than 30% of their coffee is certified sustainable. Leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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